Finding out if keyed in text is numeric:

//works only for whole numbers
int intDummy;
if (Int32.TryParse(string, out intDummy) {
 //text is numeric
} else {
 //text is not numeric

//this one works for decimals

 try { 
                Decimal cValue = Convert.ToDecimal(stringText);
               //bla bla bla...
            } catch (Exception exc) {
                errorText = "invalid non-numeric value. ";

  System.IO.DirectoryInfo dirInfo = new System.IO.DirectoryInfo("X:\\File\\Path\\");
  System.IO.FileInfo[] files = dirInfo.GetFiles("*.ext");

  yourDropDownList.DataSource = files;

OR we can do it the old fashioned way:

foreach (FileInfo file in files)  {
   yourDropDownList.Items.Add(new ListItem(file.Name));  

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